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TCYFL Responsible Health and Wellbeing
March 1, 2013
TCYFL has always been the leader in youth football for many reasons. We like every other youth sports programs are concerned for our player’s safety.

The difference with us is that we are ALWAYS going to be proactive and do something to continue to improve the way we protect our athletes. Our goal is to teach and educate every participant (players, parents and coaches) on how we can continue to keep our players safe.

Heat and Hydration:
TCYFL has implemented the guidelines to deal with extreme heat at all youth football games and practices. It is designed to provide participants with a standard for safe play in situations of extreme heat.

The two values that the TCYFL will take into account when modifying or canceling games/practices are air temperature and relative humidity. The combination of these two elements reflects the heat index. We will rely on the heat index reading that is updated hourly by the National Weather Service at the OHARE Executive Airport.

Please educate yourself regarding these Heat and Hydration Guidelines.

Concussion Awareness:
Early in 2012, TCYFL established guidelines to reduce risk and improve awareness regarding concussions in youth football.

In cooperation and with generous support and donations from:



  • *Advanced Concussion Training for ALL TCYFL Coaches.(SLI & USA Football)
  • *Baseline Impact testing for ALL players 10 and older. (Dick’s Sporting Goods & ARC)
  • Try to provide Athletic trainers at ALL football games. (2013)
  • *Preseason and in season changes to full contact.
  • *Conditioning week: from 10 hrs conditioning to 6 hrs (3 days) conditioning and 4hrs. (2 days) helmet and shoulder pads for proper heads up blocking and tackling technique training.
  • *Equipment week: from 10 hrs full contact to 10 hrs total with 7 hrs max contact.
  • *In school and season: Starting the Monday prior to opening weekend from 8 hrs full contact to 8 hrs total including film and walk through with 4 hrs max contact.
  • *Absolutely NO leading with the crown of the helmet. 15 yd unsportsmanlike penalty. 2nd is automatic game disqualification.

*implemented April 16, 2012 

Baseline Impact Testing

ARC will provide ImPact pre-testing at no charge. The TCYFL member community will supply the location, ARC will administer the ImPact testing

Post Injury Screening

Please take advantage of your complimentary injury screens for any athlete or coach associated with TCYFL!

Injury Screens will be scheduled within 24-48 hours of injury at a location convenient to home or work. TCYFL members are requested to use the hotline (312.523.4064) or your league rep contact to schedule an appointment.

ARC will provide TCYFL with Concussion Return to Play Protocols.

Education Services

ARC will provide educational in-services and or lectures to coaches such as: ACL prevention, Concussion, First Aid, sport specific topics, hydration.

CPR training to all coaches and members of TCYFL for a nominal fee of $15.00/person. Please contact for more information or to schedule a class

ATC on site coverage at pre-arranged events.