TCYFL Cares "PLAY FOOTBALL" grants are designed to provide temporary support for young boys and girls in our Member Communities that would like to participate in the TCYFL and do not have the current economic resources to allow them to do so. In most cases, families will be required to purchase jerseys, pads, or any other equipment that the player keeps.

TCYFL may offer:
  1. To fully assist a family including jersey or shoes.
  2. To provide partial assistance (i.e. registration fee only).
  3. To ask for volunteering of time in lieu of fee.
  4. Offer a payment plan.
  5. A combination of the above (assistance, payment plan, and volunteer).

Qualifications, Rules & Limitations:

Statement of need must include
  1. Family name
  2. Member Community and level requested (Feather, Middle, etc.)
  3. Narrative of not more than 300 words explaining the situation and why a "PLAY FOOTBALL" grant is being requested including type of assistance desired. Please include all information your feel would be helpful to the committee in making their decision. Family may request to be put on a payment plan only.
  4. Commitment stating that if the situation changes, the family will participate with the TCYFL program in the normal fashion so that the TCYFL may support another less fortunate family.

To get started please fill out the contact form below:

Financial Assistance applicants and information, including historical information will be kept confidentially by the president, secretary and treasurer of TCYFL and will be made available to the Executive Board on an as needed basis.

After review by all vested parties, the family will receive an email or letter in the mail as to the status of their payment. Most likely, the family will be contacted by phone by the chairperson of the committee to go over the committee's recommendation. The conversation shall provide the final details of the level of assistance, which will then be sent to the family in a written notice.

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Participant Name:
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